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Tantra and Sex

Posted on November 5, 2022 by Duane Anaya

Tantra, some believe, is hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo. Could be! But, the ones that know tantra, go on it to mean 'weave'. And, in a way, that's just what it is for tantra weaves a thread named an individual right into a fabric called the universe. Yes, it can help a person transcend the limitations of his self to become section of creation.

When someone mentions a tantric, images of a sorcerer or evil magician lay siege on our minds and we have been filled up with awe and fear. But, fear not, for tantra isn't about evil, magic etc. It really is about breaking taboos which are essentially like chains that bind us to your limitations.

Take sex, for instance, the simplest & most universal act, apart from eating, drinking etc. So how exactly does man (and woman, too, needless to say) approach sex?

With shame? Guilt? Fear?

All negative emotions!

To talk of sex is known as boorish, uncultured, unsophisticated behaviour. Yet we think about it constantly, well almost!

To show need for sex is known as worse. Yet, we all have been thinking about it (degrees varies, based on our libidos!)

Yet, it had been sex - exactly the same shameful, guilt-ridden, fearful - act, that brought us to being! Tantra helps us break through this tangle of shame, guilt, fear and negative emotions also to view it as a lovely act - an act, that needs to be enjoyed with all our senses and savoured with great delight. No 'slam, bang, many thanks ma'ams' for tantra-followers. No cowering at night, shamefacedly covering areas of the body for the tantrists. They'll take action in light and head to greater light!

Yes, tantra is really a solution to enlightenment.