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Spice Up Your Relationship Tonight

Posted on September 13, 2021 by Duane Anaya

Every relationship needs relief from the same old bedroom routine now and then. Here's a collection of tips to enhance the Scoville units in your romance.

Get Wet and Wild

The bath or shower can be more than just a place to get clean! It may also be a hot rendezvous to reconnect with your lover. Taking the opportunity to wash each other and wash one another's hair can be a sensual pleasure. Steam up the bathroom with some sensual accessories inviting to both you and your lover. In case you've got the available counter space or open shelves, place scented candles around the room. Keep aromatic bath oils and waterproof toys . Be absolutely sure that you have a private place to store your possessions when you have kids or expect guests.

One if by Land...

Maintain a set of"sign" sheets (or perhaps only a signal cushion ) that you or your lover can set on the bed to quietly ask a romantic tryst. Choose an unusual color, a hot material like a bold pattern - or a cushion with a hot come-hither saying on it.

An Appetite for Love

Prepare a dinner that's a prelude to love wearing only an apron and a smile. There are a lot of foods which have been believed to be aphrodisiacs you will have no difficulty planning a menu. Some thoughts are oysters, pine nuts, peaches, grapes, walnuts -- even asparagus - or simply serve something special to the both of you. More significant than the food is the meal stirs the senses by evoking arousing smells, tastes and textures. Do not forget to play mood music and place candles in each room. You don't even need to make it into the bedroom - why not have a change of sexual place in the kitchen?

Go Postal!

Buy some fairly or provocative stationery - or use your own personal computer to make an invitation for a romantic date or excursion for you and your lover. Include all the details including the time, date, what to wear and where to meet, but maintain the romantic occasion itself a surprise. Address the envelope to your lover and email it to them. In this era of immediate communication with email, text messaging and mobile phones, the invitation is going to be a romantic surprise.

Let's Dance

Remember when a mix tape was sooo romantic? To get you in the mood, create a mix CD of all your favorite hot songs or entertaining tunes and have a dance together. Get as wild or as intimate as you wish - your dances can go as far as you would like. You may add a bump-and-grind music and do your own strip tease or any salsa and perform your own forbidden dance of love.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Do not forget simple pleasures. Brushing your lover's hair, a light sensual massage or simply cuddling can be extremely sensual. Touching always leads to more touching. Play touching games by viewing how gently you can run your hands over your lover's body, spell words out with your finger and see if they can imagine what you wrote.

Hide and Seek

Take a hot picture of yourself and hide it with a suggestive note in their briefcase, wallet or lunch box. Just be certain not to place it where it might be seen by children or colleagues.

Trick or Treat

Costumes aren't just for kids at Halloween. There are several sexy costumes available for women and men. Try role playing as a pilot and a stewardess - or a teacher and a schoolgirl - or a realtor and a potential home buyer. The options are endless. Fantasy foreplay can lead you to realms of spiciness you never knew existed. Let your creativity run wild.

Romance Zone

Keep your bedroom off limits for everything except sleep and love. Don't let it be a middle of the household in which you write bills or perform work, it ought to be a sanctuary for you and your lover and a stress-free zone in which you like one another and your relationship. Use soft colors and fabrics, fresh cut flowers on your nightstand, mirrors and your favorite art - anything to create an atmosphere of comfort and sensuality.