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Menopause and Diminished Sex Drive

Posted on February 12, 2024 by Duane Anaya

Many otherwise healthy women experience a lower life expectancy libido after menopause.

This will not eventually every woman. Each woman differs and her health is an extremely unique thing.

Studies indicate that at the very least 50 percent of women encounter a drop in sex either due to lack of libido or vaginal dryness. However, 10 % of menopausal women actually report a rise within their libido during this time period.

When women proceed through menopause, there exists a drop in a number of different hormones. It is a normal section of aging and isn't a medical condition.

However, it could create problems for a female who normally had a wholesome libido and after menopause, includes a diminished libido.

The hormones that drop after menopause are estrogen, testosterone (Yes! It effects men and women), and progesterone, amongst others.

Hormones decline naturally with age and for a few women, this implies they are not as thinking about sex as before menopause.

This often means that women aren't as easily aroused as before, and they are less sensitive to touching and stroking than these were before menopause.

This is frequently frustrating for women who had a wholesome libido before menopause.

Some women elect to have HRT, that is hormone replacement therapy. Taking smaller amounts of testosterone can help increase your libido as well as your pleasure linked to orgasm. However, some women choose never to do that, because HRT has been associated with some health issues, such as an elevated threat of breast cancer.

The other problem is that the hormones found in HRT sometimes don't have exactly the same effect because the hormones produced naturally in the girl body.

There are no quick answers to medical question of menopause and a lower life expectancy libido.

Most women consult their doctor to handle this ailment, plus some even consult with a therapist to handle any underlying factors behind a diminished libido. Most women believe that improving communication within their marriage and making certain they have a wholesome marriage can enhance their libido.

Each woman must make her very own decisions about whether to possess HRT after menopause. For a few women with a lower life expectancy libido, this appears to be the solution.

For others, there could be other health issues. This can be a decision that's best made out of a lot of research and talking with an educated doctor.