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Let's Play: A Guide to Intimacy

Posted on June 10, 2021 by Duane Anaya

Want to have the best sex of your life? After that, do not have it unless you're prepared and have a partner that you care deeply about. Sex isn't just the bump and grind. The physical mechanics of the sex act aren't always all they're cracked up to be. Sexual experiences that lack the special ingredient of love can be very unsatisfying and unsettling. The participants of a casual, purely sexual experience know they missed something and might not even be able to climax.

The best sex you will ever have is with someone you love. Then, you will attain the physical and psychological union that will bring you satisfaction. It's that one-ness, that unselfish giving of pleasure and that look in the eye of your lover that will drive you to the best orgasms of your life.

Have a partner you care about rather than experiencing what I am describing here? It's truly all in your head. Some important ingredients though are letting things flow, expressing oneself, giving selflessly and maintaining life's problems from the bedroom. Have a headache? Then do not say no! Bad day at work and your Sweetie is feeling arduous? Go for it! Just a little lovin' is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Let's go down the list. How can you let things flow? Say for example, you're doing something such as washing dishes. Your spouse comes up and plants a wet one in your neck. Yeah, it tickles. Additionally, it leads to another. What now? Finish the dishes, go to Walmart and wash the floor? Not on your life. Turn about and respond. Your curiosity in their supply of affection is a excellent aphrodisiac. Or, be lively and pretend you're shocked, or upset, and lean into it. A little humor goes a long way. Loosen up and follow the guide. You won't be sorry.

Giving selflessly begins with acknowledging the improvements your lover makes. You don't need to go overboard straight away. You can let things build. Lovemaking begins in the morning with that first kiss and comes to fruition whenever you finally have sex later in the day (if there is not time in the morning!) . Giving selflessly comes easily if this is the person that you love. Kissing their feet, their calves, their nose seems right then. Why? It feels right because you're expressing yourself and how you feel about them. It's not mechanical, it's not even intended to arouse. It's just another way of expressing your feeling for them. Oh, it's sexy, and your spouse is going to be aroused by any caressing that comes from the center. And the interesting part is that they are going to return the favor in spades.

When the fun starts, let your partner know how you are feeling. A number people are more verbal in expressing our pleasure than others. A soft moan is an invitation to,"Do that again " Most lovers can't read your mind. Sometimes we know what each other is thinking, but why take the opportunity here? Say what you're feeling. You don't need to start talking dirty, if you don't want to or you know they enjoy it. Just give them some encouragement, something to continue. Get loud if you must. Be certain your loved one knows how much you really like sharing this together. Among the best ways is to look them right in the eye during your lovemaking. You don't even need to say the words and they know what that look means,"I love you and I really like making love to you."

Finally, at least for today's lesson, maintain life's problems from the bedroom. Before, during and after sex keep the conversation light. The checkbook, the children grades, automobile repairs, faith, war, whatever idiotic thing pops into your mind leave it there. Do not ruin the moment. You've just shared your deepest self and your body and soul with your lover. Honor the moment by leaving passing thoughts from the mix. Give this your all, body, spirit and mind. Keep it herein the afterglow, make this a special place in time for the two of you.

In the end, cherish this part of your connection. The oneness, the joy, the power of enjoying sometimes goes unrecognized. Do not be immune to its effect. This is the relationship that we crave with the one we love. Marinate in it. Let this moment sear itself into your consciousness and contribute more energy to another experience. Do not waste your time just having sex, make love to the person who inspires you to do so.