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Hot Tips For Lasting Longer in Bed

Posted on June 18, 2021 by Duane Anaya

Modifying your sexual patterns could be a burning issue for you, a passing curiosity or maybe you know someone that could benefit from this information.

In any case I am positive you'll find the following informative and interesting.

Slow down.

It might appear obvious, but the number one way to make sex last longer is to do everything slower. Breathing, feeling, foreplay, kissing and sex are all areas of the sex act which don't have to be rushed.

Give everything time.

Every second in sex is well worth experiencing fully. Let things unfold in their own time and you'll be rewarded with richer experiences during sex and much more learning and satisfaction from sex.

Deepen your breathing.

Our breath connects us deeply to our body and its rhythms, in addition to the rhythm of different bodies near us. Focusing on breathing helps to calm the mind and sooth any inner dialogue which could be interfering with our natural pleasure of their sex. Here is a hint, try synchronising your deep slow breathing with your spouse.

Let go of expectations.

Without expectations about sex, we're free to naturally savour the experience... however it is! We can be open to the experience and find out more consequently. Without expectations we free ourselves from disappointment.

Here is a trick... see if you're able to implement these techniques to increase your sexual activity, without caring if they work!

Focus on pleasure in sex as opposed to the sex act or consequence.

Regardless of particular ideas of sex perpetuated in the world, sex isn't about the ending, it's about the entire experience. Finding the woman, having an orgasm, providing an orgasm... all of these are vital elements of sex. But the main element of sex is pleasure! When you begin enjoying every moment of sexual activity... it'll go on as long as you need!

Increase knowledge of the body.

Take some time to understand what brings you pleasure and learn how to pleasure yourself . Do not forget to share your new knowledge with your spouse too. Read about anatomy. The human body is wonderful!

Increase knowledge of your partner's body.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and always be open to trying new things in bed. Research every part of your partner's body as you've not touched or seen it before. Each time you engage in sexual activity it's the perfect opportunity to expand your sexual knowledge. You can find out a lot about the human body by asking friends about their experiences too.

Reframe sex for a nurturing recovery act.

When we attach guilt and shame to sex it's no surprise that it does not flow naturally. Adjust your mindset about sex to reflect only positive aspects. Sex feels so great, how could a talent like this be anything aside from healing!

Let go of performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety is unnecessary. Be kind to yourself. Learn how to forgive yourself if things do not go perfectly, and then learn how to stop caring about perfect anyhow.

Feel your body from inside.

Our sensual experience could be deepened dramatically by focusing on our expertise from inside our body. Get out of your mind and allow your consciousness move to the middle of the body.

Be present.

Don't allow the mind wander or engage in unnecessary inner chatter. Do not let your dreams and thoughts take you farther from the experience available. Be in the present experience and the current moment. So there you have it. At least one of these tips individually can begin to impact on your sexual performance at the moment. If you learn all of them, you'll be a master of your own body in and out of the bedroom. You'll discover how to last longer in bed, too. Do not be daunted if it takes a little time however... these are life altering techniques and might take a little bit of practice.

And above all of course, enjoy yourself practicing.